A question bank is a collection of questions that is stored for repeated use. You can't reuse questions when these settings or conditions exist: Also, you can't reuse text blocks or files if you chose to randomize questions. When you select bank questions for an assessment, copies of the questions are created and added to the assessment. Press Enter to drop the item in the new location. Blackboard has many products. Click Course Tools under the Course Management panel. For example, if you set it to 10, and the question set presents 2 out of 5 questions, the question set has a total of 20 points that students can earn for correct answers. Click Build Pool. For example, some exam systems allow differing partial credit allocations to be set per possible answer response, whereas Blackboard Learn maintains a list of correct answers. When you create an assessment, you can use question pools to be sure each student receives a different version of the assessment. Questions appear in a random order for each student. Other assessments aren't affected. Youll receive a success message when the file imports successfully. The most recently imported bank appears first in the list. Doesn't seem familiar? If you copied questions from the bank into one or more assessments, those questions remain in your assessments after you delete the bank. The active filter area changes automatically as you select or clear criteria. Select the Pools option on the following screen. In an assessment, there are questions of various types. Youll need to import QTI packages into your course as question pools. All rights reserved. A question set is a collection of questions drawn from selected tests and pools. From the Question Banks page, you can quickly create, edit, and import question banks for use in your course assessments. In the Filter Criteria panel, you can perform a basic search by keyword. In the active filter area, clear the check boxes for the questions you no longer want to copy. [CDATA[// > Empty sources, question types, or tags are filtered out.